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100 YEARS 





3 1516 00016 2964 




.L5 Paw Paw 100 years 

P28 celebration 

^,, 104330 


•L5 Paw Paw 100 years 
P28 celebration 


R.R. 5 

Dixon, IL 61021 



The Village or Paw Paw, Illinois was incorporated m June, 1Q82. I he 
present village boaru began early in 1980 to make plans lor a centennial 
celebration by appointing a committee to study tne leasibility ot sucb a 
celebration. From tbls initial action tbe Paw Paw Lentennial Lelebration 
Limited was rormed as a not-ror-prolit corporation to organize and 
promote tbe celebration. 

Paw Paw, now watb a population ol 846, was originally settled a lew 
miles soutb and east or tbe village. 1 be current site or tbe towai was 
originally Icnowm as Paw Paw Urove as tbere were line gro\'es or trees tliat 
bore tbe small llesby rruit called a paw paw. 

Paw Paw is called tbe ' Gateway to Western Illinois' because it is 
bere tbe old Fort Dearborn to Galena Trail, Icnown as Gbicago Raod, 
meets Angling Road. Angling Road was also a main tborougb-rare soutb 
and west to Moline and Rock Island and tbe Mississippi River. Tbe two 
roads intersect in down-to\\Ti Paw Paw. 

1 be purpose or tbe celebration was to promote, encourage and roster 
civic and partriotic activities and to recognize \\atb joy and pride tbe local 
heritage. It was also to bave a wbole lot ol lun. Tbe locally managed 
celebration was a success due to tbe dedication and commitment or many 
ol tlie citizens ol tbe village and tbe surrounding area. I bese people 
volunteered tlieir time, enthusiasm and rinancial support. 

This pictorial account provides a glimpse ol tbe many projects and 
activities that took place when Paw Paw opened its welcome gates to 
celebrate its lOOtb birtliday. 

The year is 1982. 

The time is now, the present. 

The subject is "Paw Paw Present ". 

SAUK vklLlj ouLlEGE 

1 U -rt 3 Ci' 

Table or Contents 

People 2 


I Pre-centennial Special Events 12 

II Centennial Special Events 22 


Pioneer Day 32 

Agriculture Day 38 

Youtk Day 42 

Homecoming Day ■*■* 

Parade Day 46 

Brotnernooa Day ^2 





Centennial Corporation Orricers 
Centennial Executive Lommittee 
Centennial Committee People 
People involved in committee work 
Pageant involvement 

Paw Paw 

Paw Paw Degan its second 100 years 
witn a six day celebration from July 20 
to July 25, 1982. It was a community 

Grace Corncil 

nJ Den- Bnun (..cural Cliainncn 


Kan^ar,., K,.urt, TI>l- Revcrcwul. Kc„ |-oeter, 'Ion, Sllclow anj ), Lc^la- I'^.x 




Being JeputizeJ Ly JuJgc ?mill, are BraJ W'.ley anJ Marl; Wennniack- 

Rita anJ DlcL- Lu 




tKen Foster, Pioneer Dav MC interviews Ervin Safranelc. 

Y Antique car enthusiasts Bill anJ Kav \v'asileusl.i 

>■ '.:;^- - ^^ 

cky MoorelieaJ and Erin A 
I Local news laJy, Alice Zen 

I Kangaroo Kourt, Gene Stroyan in the \'illage jail. 

loAnn Kiild in an aiitlienti^: replica oi 
an ISi O are;?;:- 

Aiove: Carmen Jones anJ Patti Torman witli Monkey Cee and Monkey De 

Top: Gayle anJ BoL Kern u-itli llieir Mcxlel A Ford. 

Left; Steve Grevengoed and Geor^- Litow, Pony Express Riders. 

Belou" Earl Kaiser, trafiic controller. 
Riikt: Fire Ckief. Bot Torman 

Bottom: "Come, join m tlie Cake Valfc" FrieJa 



f Si 

Left: "Hanos up! I want your treasures," 
Mike Tarr, Jonatnan Robinson ana 
Brett Tnorsen. 

Top: "Come to tne pageant, it's a 
great snow" says Dot Brunett 

Atove: Tlie Davia Lampson family 
in a centennial mooa. 

Bolow: Eunice Rc>^ers and Chri^ta EawartL: 
Xext-l>eU-: CKucIc Mark- 
Bi>ttoni; luay Priclipp 
Ri^nt; Daviii Riipin^on 


Left: Earlcne anJ RicKarJ MooreKead en|oy tlieir 
1928 roadster 

BMX racer Davitl Gonle. Mar\'in I^'uscriKe, organizer. 

Below: Rita EJwarJs, a ticLvt seller 

Next below: Bradley Orevengoed ana gun. 

Bottom; Ron Siemers in Kangaroo Kourt ]ail 


-<r S'Sii 

■^<&!:i^S^-i<S!^'iS'JiJii'<Mi/!tli V^-J'^St'^^^l, 


K l^Qv ii 

^K I J 11 ^iHtiW^^VMt 






W \ ^ 




Alimc: Paw Paw's Mayor Rotert Rliea received a certificate of centennial stocL from George AJerton. Tfie first stock was purcfiaseJ by tfie village fjoard. Below: Mart 
Ward, Paw Paw HigK ScKool student, won tlie logo contest. Right: Elizatetli Merriman, Post Master, administered a commemorative stamp. Elizabetfi was editor of tlie 
Lentennial History Book. 




[ Birtliday Cak-c witll 100 sparkling candles got tke centennial rolling nearly one year in advance. 








nes, Lentennial Headquarters Lhairmen. 

ALove: Mary Politscn, Pearl Prentice and George Snaddick were nonored 

Rjgnt: Kim Dewey waj tne store-keeper. 


Full picture: The Paw Paw Community Band, 
airectea ny buzan bcmesinger, playeu at tne ^rana 
opening oi tne neaaquarters. (May 22, 1982) 

1 op lert; Eaitn Kinclelnerger, Linoa Avery, Donna 
Preiier, Emma TruckenDrou, Minnie Hoelzer and 
Luella Florscnuetz displayed tne six quilts and one 
aignan tneir groups donated to tne centennial for 
money making projecb. 

Bottom Lett: An attentive group witnessed tne grand 
opening or tne headquarters. 

Bottom rignt: Headquarters was a place to register, 
malee purchases, huy tickets and get iniomiation. 

Insert: Hattie Johnstin was also an honored guest. 

Beioa-: Judy Robinson, narrator, ana Joan Mercer, chairman, of the 
ptecentennial style snow selected iasnions ana nioaels tor the snow. 

Riiht: TaTk-ny-a Terry modeled a poor little orphan's dress from a 
work house of 1Q05. The orphan ^irl later hecame a star of Ziegfeld 
Follies and Metropolitan Opera fame. 

Bottom: CS-er 350 attended the style show called "Gateway of the 
Belles" in the High School £>-nin. 


Left: Rotin Larimore and Michelle Maries mcxleleJ dresses worn ty RoLin's 
great granumotner (rrom trie Baxter-^cnoennolz neirloom collection). 

Below: Catky Safranel?, Tracy and Lindsey modeled tke late 1890's clotking 
(Zeman - Ramer collection). Anissa Larabee, Kari ^onagerotn, and Janet 
Wennmacner wait tneir turns. 

Tne alaest house in town ownea ty John ana Ethel McLaugmin was openeJ to the puhhc on the Jul; 
18 house walk. 




The Sunoay artemoon house walk 
reahirea the homes or the late Arthur 
(Squire) Wells huilt in 1892, the Celesta 
Shannon home (known as the LaPorte 
house); the Roger ana Dorothy Moore- 
hea home which contains many heirloom 
articles collected, restored and cherished 
by the ramily; and the John and Ethel 
McLaughlin home (the oldest historic 
home in the village). The walk ended 
with a tea at the recently remodeled and 
expanded home or Ervin and Agnes 

At a reception the First Lady contestants were honored and the 
pageant ticket sales began. The committee was Judy Svendsen, Carol 
Hart, JoAnne Cole and Jan Siemers. 

Dorothy Hopkins, a Left-CKer, sells tickets to the cake walk. 

4 ^SttH Kay Kuchel demonstrates a literal 

Dorotny Wiley passlties trie cake walk ticket holders witn a piece of editle cake. 


Tlie Judge organized Kangaroo Kourt as tKe crowJ gatliereJ across from tKe centennial lieadquarters^ Clnick- MarL-s, RoJncy AiiJcrson and Judge Smitli. 

NeigliLorlng mayors and local citizens were arrested and tried in Kangaroo 
Kourt the weeks prior to centennial. Judge Smitri arrests Compton's Mayor Vai 
FisJibacli and Ron Wagner. He's assisted ty jailer Mark Wennmacker and 
prosecuting attorney, Rodney Anderson... 

Bill Grove pleads before tke Kourt. But, alas, ke too was puniskcd. 

BotJi Er,c Tarr and Curt Burnett wc 
Scklesinger looks on kelplessly. 

■ictinis of tke Kangaroo Kourt. Don 

Even tke ladies were arrested. Here, Judy Priellip pleads tke case for kerself and 
ker fellow defendents. An unsympatketic crowd watckes. 


Bart Hopknni kidnapped Mary Jo HatJey, Anita Ross and Eileen Spears before they were put in jail at tlie Kangaroo Kourt. 

Paw Paw Mayor Rex RKea was arrested on trumptJ- 
up cnar^. 


Tne Horsesnow Inn driver, Jerala Grevengoea, drives trie get-away wagon witn tne kianappea gals Bruce Hopkins assists in tne nola 

**■' Judge ;rmitli was even arrested. ALove, ne pleads nis case to tne crowd. Tne 

*^ crowd decided nis rate. 

^•j^js** ' 



*»>x -A 

i-4 >| 





I David Duncan Larson, painted tlie Celestrial Ba 


\ris and Craft=. and Collection^ were exliititea in the grade scnoo! gym. Joan M 

TLe Belles and Beaus sponsored tke Coke Palace. 
Betty Smitn and Carol Jacoosen made many or tne 

For the historical tt^ur the Paw Paw :r'chool bus 
pro\"iaea the transportation. Rav :rchnorr assists. 

Tne beer garden was houseu at me fire nouse. Floyd Dewey . 
Gene En^Ienart assisted. 

l-ran^is and Irene I'ltzpatnc served as A 
tKe Historical Tour. 


Lee County Farm Bureau tent, and it's raining. 

Duanc Herren displayed and sold clocks ne makes as a hohny 

Ray Politscll was MC for most of tfie tours. ALx- Zcman collaLorated witK tlie 
committee ana WTote trie script for tne 25 mile tour. 


Melx'in I^rimorc, a fireman, ^rc-eted tliirstx' faci»at the Leer 


tke k-arJ contest iuJging line-up are David LiraLee, Gary SafraneL-, Les Fox, CliarU Zimmerman, Holi Collier, anJ Ron LyslanJ, 


In tlie beard contest judging line-up were Floyd Dewey, Don Scklesinger, DicL 
Luce, Floyd Sellers, Howard Heiman, Ron CKilders, Rich Eggers, Newton 
Sclijesinger and Jon Wilev. 

Tlie Burlington Niutliern Railroad provided an engine and 
caDciose to walk tnrougn. 1 ne railroad played an important part in 
tne nistory ot Paw Paw. 

Wayne Brown (MQ and Jim and Eileen Spears discuss tlie judging at tlie beard 


Pictured in tlie LearJ contest line-up are Jan Prentice, Carrol Collings, FloyJ Dewey, Otto Safranek, FioyJ Sellers, DaviJ Laratee, Elliott GoLle, Da\icl Lampson, Bil 

Jan Prentice was selected as 
ria\'in^ tne Best Centennial 

Over 100 quilts were on display in tlie community 
Duilam^ tor a tuna raising ettort sponsorea by ttie 

Ron CJiilders is cotisoled ty Carmen followitig the 
Deara juagiiig contest. 


Tom Latimer clieclc:? out tlie interior of tKe train on display at 
centennial time. 

■■Paw Paw Past," tlie story of Paw Paw ir 
slides was presented daily oy Francis TaDer, 



Simone Kem and Jay Hawbakcr 
dance at tlie Celestial Ball. 


TKe Sliannanigan's, an IS p,ev. ..rJ,.stra, prov.lJ tlio n,L>sic ,n tlie ^ala JecorakJ liigl, scLoul gym for clanang anJ entertan,n,..nt. 

Dee anJ Darieno McLauglilin, UcL-l cl,a,r„,en, cliat 
witll Gene Martin, a past resiJcnt 

KeUi Mark Melissa Maries Lowe, Eileen Hawtaker Englekart, DeLtie TodJ 
Larson, Ellen Wiley Hosteller, and Clieryl Gaines provided half-time enter- 

i^'liucL' and Kati Maries were Celestial Ball Cliainnen. 




loneer i^ay 


Ruproscntin^ tlie niavi- 
Sliaw riJini a 101 vi-v 

r (ron, ^o.i.onaL.L- was M. A. 
.r old ColunAia L.cvcle. 


RkKt: Bart McCorJ aiiJ DorotKy M.x^relicaJ s^-rx .J 
soup ami com oreaa to the opening day crowd. 

Below ri^Kt: Box HacLnun LxxU tic c.ill "Soup ^ 

Ehuow: a 5«.>up anu coriirrcaa picnic. 

.1 «rtj'JiSrWiaaSf(i!£u': 


Far left; Xancy Larimore, tlie first Pony Express 
riuer accepted tne prLtlamation on trie steps of tne 
Ljk Countj' Court House in Dixon. It had come from 
Springfield. Slie tken joined tlie other Pony Express 
nders at tke welcome gates in Paw Paw. 

Top: Cliildren await tlie Legnming of tlie oix'ii tla\' 

Atme: Pearl Rfioads, Mary Lee Rosenlcrans and 
Elmer Rliwds serve 20C fiotdogs in keeping ^itli old 
fashioned bargain days on Main Street. 

Ij.>ft; Ellis Gilison, Pony Express Rider approaches 
tlie s[x.'aL'er's platform witli tlie official prtvlamation. 


l\>nv Express riJer Ellis Cnlisiin tosses Mayor Rlu-a tlio proeianiatioii (ron 

Above: Paw Paw's past mayors, Harold Torman and 
Bill Wetzel, arrived in a '26 Clievy and gave some 
rellections on tlie growtli of Paw Paw as tney have 
3een it 

Anove: Pioneer Demonstrations on Main street 
included soap making ny Florence ^mitli. 

Ri^kt: Rod Grevengoed demonstrates liorsesnoeing 
on Jan Prenticer race norse. 


eetators lined main street anJ enjoyeJ tlie centennial festivities. 

Mayor Boh Jones, Sutlette, and Mayor Ken McCrakei 
AniDoy, brougnt greetings via railroad, nana car. 

Aijove: Ken Ft.>5ter. Master or Ceremonies, intxtiduces the rirst 
Laay Candi dates. 

RigKt: Carol Jacotsen uas crou-ned Firsi Lady oi Pau- Pa^ L\' Franlc 
Cole ana Juay ^vendsen. 



Left: Myron Kinzler and dau^liter Marcy Kinzler arrived via 
stagecoach in a spirited manner, tnrougn tne welcome gates and 
d<.iwn Main Street. 

Top: The children staged a moclc hold-up and rothed the stage coach 
or its treasures. 

Ahove: The stage coach lost a wheel. 



Max Armstrong interviewed Paw 
Paw', Ann Cole, Lee Co. Beef Queen. 


Atovc: Wayne Bettncr anJ HarolJ Zinlce flippeJ 
pancakes at the Farmer's Breakfast 

Bottiim rigKt: The Roxhury Whistlestoppers prepared 
anJ served the farmers' hreahfast. Pictured are: loyce 
Bcttner, Chff Schlesm^r, Colleen Zinke, and I\inna 

Left: Donna Heiman makes pancakes for me early 
morning tamers' nrcakrast. 

Bottom left: Tlie sKelter Kouse in tlie park proviJeJ a 
picnic ahnospnere for trie noon pork dinner. 


HowarJ Sckx^nliolz intrc-JuceJ tlie noon fallow portion of Agriculture Day. WGN's Max Armstroxi^ made a ^uest appearance and Max interviewed 

National Corn Growers' President, Bill Mullins, Sliattona. 

The weatner was unpredictable but agriculture ramilies gatbered ror Ag day entertainment. 

Roy Breeze won a place in Ag Day's borscsbtx? tournament. Tbe Lee County Pork Producers cooked tbe noon meal on Agriculture D, 


AJice Zeman, local corresponocnt gave tne local rn 

Minor Avery reported on tne kval weatni 

^'ayne Bettner, tractor pull cnairman, takes part in tne antique tracttir di' 
The tractor pull sled 

Agriculture Day's tracttir pull crowd 

Little League kail players Troy McCorJ, KirL- Burnett and l\m BarL-,„an pa.tK.patcJ ,n tl>e youlli parade. 

Nlarcy Kinzler helps organize the children i 
ror Youth. 

utli day for Games People Pla 



Kathy Meyer, director or Gaines People Play for Youtn, gave instructions. Assisting 
ner were Betsy Collings ana Sneila Kunn. 

Little Miss Later Day, Tammy Barkman, leJ tke YoutK and Pet Parade. 

John Jacobs instructs Jason Leuscnke and Jason Jacobs at tne starting line of tne 
B^\X races on YoutK Dav. 

Debbie spears and tbe family s float won first prize witn tbe "Paw Paw Paten" 

^ W 

N'atkamel Tallace forms a Wilc enJ on tlu- Library ■ - v^'""' *^f'*^'--«^;:-L-.r. ■-■"■- -■" ■ 

Awara winning float The caption was "A Good Nicole Laral>ee ana Brian Kucnel ran in tne tkree- Pam Rogers rooe ner POA pony, "Little Joe" 

Book is a Friend from End to End," legged race. 43 


Lucille LaPorte Plank from Onio joinea Classmate 
Eulaiia Breese lor a reunion. 

9 ^ 

' ' ;f^'i 

Rememtering tlie good times are; William Wetzel.Kay Rosenfcrans, 
Roterta later Wetzel and Te<Ui Rosenfcrans PoU. 

Former students and iriends came irom ail over the 
country to attend trie festivities oi tne centennial. 

Alumni and former teacKers gathered in tlie village park. Pictured are first row Ella Mae 
Elgin, Geraldine Baker Stroyan, Oleva Eden Johnson. Second row: Hazel Rosenfcrans 
Mizel, Dee Eakle, William Grove, Mary Ellen ikeler, Hugh Richardson. 

Mahel BumeH Camahan and Bertha Cornell Younkers were honored for hcing tlie oldest 
PPHS graduates present at Homecoming Day. WiUiam Grove made tke presentation. 


\\ illiani Grtne MC for tlie Alumni Awards and Presentations asked former graduates of Paw Paw Hiih Scliool to come ki tfie stage. Tfiose present vere: Chester Gaines, 
Orion Hunter, Irvington Huff (tack to camera), Dorotliy Martin Weilert, Walter Berry (Lack to camera), Ruth PoliLsck Griff itli, CKarkitte Town Amtler, Frances Martin 
Davis, Lois Micnels Taljor, Francis Tator, William Grove. 

Dorotny Wiley, Homecoming Day Cnairman, watcnes witfi an entnusiastic 
audience tne alumni entertainment 

In addition to a tand cimcert in tlie land sKell ty tke Alumni Band, Jan 
Roscnkrans Eaton and ker kustand Mickael from Florida entertained witfl 
guitar and vocal music. 



Enilehart = Jonn Deere won 2nd Place i 
tlie Commercial float cli\-ision. Orvill 
Englenart is seated ty the plow. 

Wayne and Doris Brown, general cnairman 
ot tlie Centennial rode in Dr. Brown's '26 

The Paw Paw Lions Ciuh won a prize in the 
non-protit division. Pictured are Judy 
Degpain, Jessica Smith and Ed Despain. 



World War I Veterans Mef Bullis and Gcor^o 

atliereJ a lidl July Jay in a convertiLle driven Ly jolin Josephsen. 

Carol JacoDsen, Paw Paw's First Lady for tlie Centennial, isdriv 
ty Gayle WiUard Kern. 

in tlie parade First Lady Contest runners-up rode in tlie parade. Pictured are: Jean CooUe 

Woods, CKrista Rogers Edwards, Dorotny Jones Moorenead. 


II'' ■ ':J'' /'^ J i'(' ii \ '^~ "■" 

1 ma Jones, Gavle Brou-n and SL-rrie Helm; ncle on Safranelc's Market BasL-et do 

RoKin I^rimore ana Bon Steele riue in trie surrey witri llie fringe on top tor the 


;cki EicK, Karen Aderton and Jan WennmacKer adorn the State Banlc of Paw Paw float that featured a German Land. 

Carolyn and Jim Bond and Mrs. lllir 

s, ;r'ue Comns from Rockford i 

Kelli Marks entered a tirtlidav cake float 



FLnJ Dewey Jrove tlie 1Q14 OverlanJ. Hi; passengers in the parade 

Hattie JoKnson, Mary Politsoh and Rudi Luce. 

TKousandi of Dalloons filled the air for a grand finale to the 
parade- They came hy truck form the Rollo Grain Elevator. 

Pfeifer's Garage entry "The Way '«'e Were" was # 1 m the 
Roger Simpson, rider. 

lercial floats. Dean Pfeifer, dr 

RepresenHng die old circuit rider and unfc arc Rev. J. 
Leslie Fox and wife, Evelyn. 

Over 5000 people lined tlic sidewalks and watched 
the 2'/2 hour parade. 


Tlie Grevcn^iieJ family (Steve, SLeri, Neva anJ lerald) went pi.meer for tlie paraJe witli tkeir liorse anJ ws 

Tlie Bihle CKurcli float riders were Mirian WaUace, Stephen Williams, DaviJ Hulthen, Carol Hultk-r and 
Lisa Hultfien. "Jesus Cririst tne Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever" 

Baptist ChurcK Scfiool float, ludy and Becki Tarr, Whitney Foster, Toni and Tara Reid, Kim Me 
Cliris and Nikti Barr, CKeri Tarr, David Gotle and Hope Frederickson. 

r, and Bill Bittner's entry said, "Paw Paw 100 
years, Tlie Bittners, 30 years." 


TKc Rcv^-nL-ran* reunion. P.ctureJ are: Mary Lee anil Harlan Rosenk-rans anJ Stacey Wri^lit, Carl and Ejitli Rosenkrans KinJelLer 

Brotnernood Day 

CKestcr Gainei and Murl Zuter maJe tke arrangement* (i.r tlie Iinie Capsule 
ceremony anJ Luriel of the xault. Uey se^urcJ a KeaJ stone. Tlie vault w,ll l,e 
eipencJ In 2007. 

|j.iren Rosenkrans coaches the Horseshtx; Inn ha 
plavcrs tor runclav arternoon run. 

The Paw Pa 
the ccntenni 

1 the softhall tournament helJ tlie SunJay afternoon of 


R.-presentat,vo. from all tlie ckurclu-s ,n tke community area took part in tK. churcl, n, tk- park R.v, Tom -kelow gave tine message. 

Cliurcli in tlie parlc was well attenJeJ. 

Tile Community Choir lead by Ken Foster proviJeJ special music 
(or Ecumenical CUrch in tk- Park on BrotherKocxi Dav. 

Herkrt \'olk-rt anJ Dee McLaughlin say tarewell. The W-llcert 
tamilv came "nonie " from Xortn Carolina. 


Stage LuiUcr, DaxiJ Laralu'c 


*MaL:eup by |aniie Rausclienbcrger 

L, 1 

Tlie Scenario aiiJ l"itle Committee were Clirista Edwards, Anita Cradduck, Mary Ann 
HawLalcer, Earlene Mooreliead, Linda Englellart, and Arlene Town. 

Faccant audience. 

.Art and Props committee workers were Marilyn Ward and Mary Jo Hatle 



Pageant Lishtin^ was directed ty LaX'crn Hawbalcer. 

''■■rr'. . /• 

Direction and Narration was liandled by Carolyn Bond and Rolierl Mcr^tr 


Tlic auJiciicc await- tlie patloniit |iroJiKtu.n. 

P.chirL' B,.oL-. »cr.. k'.n^ soli Ly Gavlf Bro»i, anJ 
Ccrr, BL.riK-H. 

SliL-rrl Helm applies maU-up U, Raqiiel Luce. 

Mark- Biltiier kelpeJ tlie auJieiwe reminisce aknit Harry T. 
cTeam parltir. 

rry i own s ice 

Tritute U. die rioncvrs - Jim Arcke 


Six In S.-n^ proviJcJ vocni music (or the pageant. Tlicy arc l\U„c Larak-e, 
Rita Luce, Lor, SafrancL-, Lois Ross, Nova Grcvcn;5oeJ, Ltlicl Rlioa, JuJy 
Hur.^s. .,1 P,.,„o. 

I'lw Conuiiunity Clloir pro^JcJ ■ 
Rclii^ious Llcrita^c". 

al mu.-.. ,n the ,ecl.ou calLxl "l loma^e t. . 

rcliool Days was leJ by Arlenc Town. Her students were Amy Leusclik'e, Kristel 
Rl,ea, Miciiclle Tueker, John Kuchcl anJ Carson CraJduch. 


Passengers wno stoppeu over ' were Gayle anu Bon Ker 

Rotert Merc 
tne pageant. 

aUir (or Ottti SafraneL, tKe Lake 

■J ' \M 

' ~ 


COIN ^^ 

il J- r 


iv '^^^"^-^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^- ',4 

V , '*"«*i?nBB5ii> 1 

1 J 

f 1^ 


1- ■ 

Reminiscing at tKe Lee Count>- Gerry Stroyan Kelped tell tke Paw 

Times were Bruce Wneeler ana Paw story oy reading rrom a Lee 

William Lirove. Countv Times. 

A patriotic scene featureJ Legion meniLers Bill Lahmer, Murl Zuk-r, W'l 
Wetzel and Richard MooreKeaJ. 

in a street scene are local citizens at the LaPorte Grocery Store. Shown are Lola 
Pierce, Phoebe Kaiser, FrieJa ShaJJicfe, Avery Merriman and Roberta Wetzel. 

Geor^^ ^chwei^er participated in the 

Jacii? anu S^ueens oi Diamonds 




Tke Mystery Belles 
First row: Debbie Dew 
Second row: Carol Ho 

Jan Wennmacber, Kim Dewey, Melanie Anders, 
r, Deae Prentice, Colene Stemen, Susan Pobl. 


^..-S- ^ ' 

TKe Teen Belles 

Front row: Lean Roninson, Katny Lyslana, Kelly Dewey. 

Second row: RKonda Heiman, Sandy RKoads, Kim RKea, Jennifer Bond. 


Front row: Hazel McCorJ, X'iola GresL-iewicz, Ada E. Simpson, Loeta Marks. 

Second row: Linda Averv, Pearl McLau^lilin, Jacquelin Hanson, Shirley 


Third Row: Dons YenericK, RiU M. Edwards, Beulah EtztacK. 


Tlu. IncrcJ.W. Ton 

Front row: Anita llopL-ins, Catliy Safranck Eillccn Spears. 

SuconJ row: LuAnn Beet Margaret Burnliam, Nora Beelc, Dawn Ross. 

Tliircl row: Tina Jones, CKristi Ross, Beclci MoorelieaJ. 


The Left-Over; 

Front row: Gwen Ketcluim, Slieila Foster, Patricia Zulier, FrieJa ShacUiclc. 

Second row: Dorothy W'iley, Kay Kucliel, Ev Fox, Dorothy 1 lopL'ins. 


rJelles and oeaus 

Front row: Stan Hart, Carol Hart, Joan Buffington, Jon Buffin^ton. 

Second row; Jim Jacotsen, Carol Jacobsen, Celesta Shannon, Christa Eawards, Curtis Eawards 


Jack of DiamoncL and tKe 0" 

On tne Ground: iT'imone Kern 

Front row: Eloise Tarr, Gerri Stroyan, Lucille Breeze, Verilell Wkeeler, tiazel Grove, Arditli Politscli, SaraK Gaines. 

SeconJ row: Marion Hunter, Orion Hunter, Roger Tarr, Ray Stroyan, Bruce Wneeler, William Grove, Elmer Politscli, Chester Ga 

Hu^n Ricnarason, Joan Ricnaroson. 


belles and Mule Skinners 
Front row: Terry Razvi, Mary Razvi. 
Second row: Terry AmLler, Sue AmUer, Otto Safi 

ek, lune Safranek, Amter Prentice, |an PrenHce, Katky Meyer, lerry Me 


Midale Age Crazies ana Easy Rioers 

Front row: Rita Luce, Dean Pfeifer, Helen Pfeifer, Marilyn WarJ, Kay KucLel, Jan S.emen 
SeconJ TOW. Richartl Luce, Suzan L. Scklesinger, Don Sclilesinger, Rodney R- Prielipp, Judy Pr 
Deu-ey, Betty Kaiser, Marvin I^uschte, Deana L^uscJilce. 

Ron Siemers. 
?lipp, Ken Kaiser, Dixie Dewey, Floya 


Mini Belles and BrotKers 

Front row: Scott McCord, Judy Tarr 

Second row: Kirk BurneH, Don BarUan, CKantel CradducL, Troy McCord, Richard Slamans, Troy Buff.n^ton, Clicryl Znaniecki. 


The Jalopies 

RicWJ Moorehead, Tavne Bro«-n, Boh Kem, B.ll W',. 


GoUen Belles and Boys 

Front row: OrviUe Englehart, Dora EngUart, Grace Cornell, TLelma R. ScKert, Pkoebe Ka 
Second row: Bill Wetzel, Roberta Wetzel, Maxine Oftedal, Helen Walters, Earl Kaiser. 
Last row: Rutli Eden, Maxine Wiley, Avery Merriman, Andy Oftedal, Gus Walters. 

Lulu Me 


Prairie ~kirti and Bloomer Lii 

Front row: Dot Brunett, Carmen CKilders, Gayle Kern, Pat Torman. 

Second row: BotLi Politsck, Jan Aderton, Joan Mercer, Gerri BurneH, Kati Mark, Jan Torman, Doris Brown. 


Wisconsin Wneelers and De 

Front row: Oeorge P. Aaerton, Robert J. Rnea, Jr. 

Second row: Deltert R. McCord, CKarles F. Marks, Curtis C. Burnett. 

Last row: George R. Brunett, Ronald E. Childers. 


Roxtury Thiitlestopper Belles and Brushes 

Front row: Joyce Bettner, ^Tayne Bettner, June Aoel Scnlesinger, CliJt Schlesinger, Donna Gilmore, Ea Gilmore. 

' Stanley Hoelzer, Nlarilyn Hoelzer, CKalclen CKallanJ, Donna CjiaUanJ, Howard Heiman, Donna Heiman, Collen Zinte, 

Harold Zinke 


The BaJ News Brotliers 

Front row: Brian Pfeifer, Dennis \'. Hart, Bart HopL-ms. 

Second row: Brad Wiley, Ron Siemers, Xorman Rogers. 


Paw Paw Fire Department, 

Hose Benders, Company A 

First row: 

Murl ZuLer, Roger Tarr, Jay 
HawDaker, Wes Terry, Earl Kaiser, 
Dave Larabee, Elliott Gotle, 
diaries Marks, Don Scklesinger, 
DelLert McCorJ, 

becona row: 

Tom Meyer, Gene En^leWt Dean 
Pfeifer, Jim Spears, Don Pierce, 
Floya Dewey, Cnarles Hammond, 
Bod Torman, Minor Avery, Gary 
Dona van. 

Pony Express Riders and Belles 

Paul Helgren, Mike Malnic, Cindy 
Malnic, Janet Comts, Ralpri Comns, 
Lisa Boysen, Pat Comts, Steve 
Grevengoed, George Litow, Ed 
Quinn, Robin Larimore, Bob 
Steele, Nancy Larimore, Sarety 
Car drivers Jokn and Sue Ploplis, 
LeAnn Wbitlock, Ellis Gibson, 
Ed Abbott, Marion Abbott, 
Margaret Gibson, Peg Nelson, 
Rick NeL^^n, Ila Mae Nelson, Rob 
Swartz, Nancy Gibson, Alvin 
Gibson, Mare Brown, Jim Brown. 




Centennial Committees 


Ciencral Cnairmen Dr. u ayne Browai, Dons Browoi 

Operating Capital — Ireasiirer Lurtis Burnett, Uerri Burnett 

:^ecretary Betty Kaiser 

Aa\isor Dick O'Kane 

Attorney Ueorge Litow 

Headquarters Cnairmen Cnester Gaines, Saran Ciaines 

student's Acti\'ities Coordinator Connie Avery 

:rpecial Events Division Uary ^arranek, Lori Sarranek 

Special Days Di\asion Dorotliy Hopkins 

Revenue Division Minor Avery, Don ScnJesinger 

^pectack" (Pageant) Division Earlene Moorenead 

Punlicity Division David Robinson 

Men s and XComen's Particiixition Di\asion .... Jim Sfx^ars, Eileen bpears 
First Lady Contest 6^ ^[xvtacle 1 iclcet Di\Tsion. . . . F ranl-c Cole, JoAnne Lole 
Lions CluD Representative Duane Herren 


President W^ayne Browoi 

\'ice-President Doris Brown 

:recretary George Litow 

Assistant Secretary Betty Kaiser 

1 reasurer Curtis Burnett 

Assistant Treasurer Donald Scnlesinger 

Incorporators Minor Avery, Connie Avery, Don Scnlesinger, 

Doris Brown, Duane Herren, David 
Roninson, Wayne Brown 





Oarv SarrancK ana Lori Sarranek 

Exhibits - Arts and 

Cratts ana Collections 
Freda Scnlesinger 
Aewton Scnlesinger 
Lnuck Hammona 
Eunice Rogers 

"Paw Paw Past" 
a bliae Presentation 

Francis Taoer 
Lois Taber 
Darrell Smitli 
Carl Kinaeloerger 

rlistorical Tours 

Francis Fitzpa trick 
Irene Fitzpa trick 
Elliott GoLle 
Betty GoUe 
Ray Politsck 
Bill Woods 
Jean Woods 
Art Skaddick 
Tkclma Skaddick 
btanley Rosenkrans 
Bill Atkerton 
Peg Atkerton 
Wes Terry 
Eva Terry 
Alice Zeman 
George Zeman 
Tom Skelow 
Bark McCord 
Ray bcknorr 
Gladys Scknorr 
Linda Herren 
Dick Moorekead 
Alan Zeman 
David Gokle 

Style Show 

Joan Mercer 
Jan I orman 
Rita Lilja 
Ckarlotte Amkler 
Dot Burnett 
Gayle Kern 
Doris Latimer 
Jokn Nickolson 
Judy Rokinson 


t^mione Kern 
Jay Hawkaker 
Celeste and Mike Skannon 
Etkel and Jokn McLaugklin 
Dorotky and Roger Moorekead 
Aggie and Ervin Sahanek 
Rita Wells Ckestnut and 

Celestial Ball 

Ckarles Marks 
Kati Marks 
Bill Town 
Arlene Town 
Melissa Lowe 
Hal Lowe 
Kclli Marks 
David Larson 
Darlene McLaugklin 
Dee McLaugklin 

Street Dance 

Gary Sahanek 
Lori Sahanek 

Coke Palace 

Larol Jacokson 
Jim Jacokson 
Darrell Smitk 
Betty Smitk 
Stan Hart 
Carol Hart 
Marv Leusckke 
Deanna Leusckke 
Jon Burlington 
Joan Burnngton 

Beer Garden 

Bon I orman 

Ckarles Marks 

Delkert Ak^Cord 

Bill Wasilewski 

Dave Larabee 

Tne Firemen and Wives 

Quilt Show 

Mary Larson 
Pkoeke Kaiser 
Ella Bittner 
Gladys Rosenl>;rans 

Railroad Display 

Tom Paradis 
Darrel Smitk 
Scott ALLaugklin 


l\''rom\' Hopkins, Lnairman 

Pioneer Day (1 uesaay) 
Dee McLau^nlin 
Darleno McLaiicnlin 
Mar}' Larson 
Lecil Lar~on 
PlioeDe Kaiser 
Ella Bittner 
Ulaays Ro~eiilcrans 
Alan Hoelzer 
Ellis Lunson 
Margaret Ginson 
^nelly ^arranoK 
Mar)- Lee lve">senlcrans 
Harlan kosenkrans 
Library Board 
Myron Kmzler 
Robert Rliea, Jr. 
Ken Foster 
Dorotby Moorebeau 
Eaitb Kmaelber^er 
Er\"in :^arraneK 

Ai^riculture Dav 

Howaru Heinian 
Donna Heiman 
Lnruiru ^cblesin^er 
June Adel Scblesinger 
Wayne Bethier 
Joyce Bettner 
Howard bcboenbolz 
Bernice bcboenbolz 
t^tanJey Hoelzer 
Marilyn Hoelzer 
Dale Breeze 
William Bittner 
Doug bcbnorr and FFA 
Ed Uilmore 
Donna Gilmore 
Cbaldon Cballand 
Donna Cballand 
Harold Zinke 
Colleen Zinke 

Young America Day 

Bart Hopkins 
Kim Dewey 
Katby Meyer 
Jerry Meyer 
Jobn Jacobs 
Jacque Jacobs 
Marvin Leuscbke 

Homecoming Day 

Dorotby Wiley 
Rita Luce 
Amber Prentice 
Helen Pfeifer 
Lois Ross 
William Cirove 

Paraae ^ Celestial 
Ball Day (Saturday) 

Roger Tarr 
Lloyd Politsck 
Cnuck Marks 
Kati Marks 

Brotnernood Day 

Les Fox 
Ken Foster 
Walter Baker 
1 om bbelow 
Jerry Meyer 
Katby Meyer 
Cary barranek 
Cbet Gaines 
diaries Kunn 
Murl Zuber 



Don bchlesmger 
Minor Avery 

Curtis Burnett 
Uerri Burnett 


Stock Committee 

George Aaerton 
ArJitli Politsck 
William Woods 
Ricnarcl jNlooreneaa 
Jim Bond 
btanley Hoelzer 
William Liro\'e 
Lnester Oaines 
Loeta Maries 
Wayne Bettner 
i^tanley Rosenkrans 
Terry Aninler 
Rich Eggers 
Nancy Eggers 
Frieda Snaddicl? 
Franl.;: Lole 
Ervin Sarranek 
Elliott GoLle 
Edgar Florscnuetz 

History Book 

Eli/.anetn Merriman 
Eulalia Breese 
X^ernon Merriman 
Frieda Snaddick 
Sue Ambler 
Lnuck Hammond 
Lola Pierce 
Donna Heiman 
Arcnie Merriman 
Lonnie Avery 
Scott McLaugnlin 
Henry Faner 
Mildred Rosenl?rans 
Alice Zeman 

History Book Solicitor; 
Eugar Florscnuetz 
Luella Florscnuetz 
Louise Zuner 
Murl Zuner 
Ed Pfeifer, Jr. 
u illiani Li rove 
A. C. Burnett 
Andy Oftedal 
Mary Ann Hawbaker 
Harold 1 orman 
Avery Merriman 
LiiLu Merriman 
kaymonJ ^ti\iyan 

Quilt Lommittee 

Lincla A\'ery 
Luella Florscbuetz 
Editb Kindelberger 
Donna Preirer 
Minnie Hoelzer 
Emma 1 ruckenbrod 


Loeta Marks 
Rita Edwards 
Jacki Hanson 
Hazel l\L^Cord 
Arditk Politsck 

Picture Book 

Produced by 
David Robinson 
Dons Browm 
Lierri Burnett 
Dot Brunett 
Larmen Llinders 
Gayle Kern 
Pat Terman 
Rtiberta Politscb 
Jean Mercer 
Kati Mirks 
Jan I erman 
Jan Aderton 

1 botograpbs by 
David Robinson 
Alice Zeman 
Ricbard Bettner 
Jerry Ketclium 


Darlene Eicb 
I\obert Eicb 

Look Book 

Donna Preirer 
Mary Bettner 
Wyoming Homemakers 
Extension I nit 


Historical ^Tmclow 

Louise Ziiner 
1 nelma :rcnort: 

^rtreet Decorations and 
."^ lore na lit Coordinator 

hr\in ^^airanelc 

1 rarric and ^arety 
harl Kaiser 
Murl /liner 
Ken Kaiser 


Ken Kaiser 
^uzan ^•enlesinoer 

I ic>spitality 

Mavor Robert Rliea 
Ethel Rliea 

X^'illa^e Beautirication 

Kay L napman 
Don L napman 
Derry rrearickson 
Lloyd Politsck 

First Lady Competition 

JoAnne Cole 
Franlc Cole 
Ron ^leniers 
Jan biemers 
Judy bvendsen 
Harold t^vendsen 
Stan Hart 
Larol Hart 

Student Activities' 

Lonnie Avery 
Lonnie Hammond 
Snaron Paradis 
Llaudcttc Tarr 

BMX Races 

Marvin Leuscnke 
Paul RauscnenDerger 
Jonn Jacobs 
Lance Wallace 
Lurt Burnett 
Dave Lampson 
Milce Williams 

Crounds Committee 

Dean Pfeiier 

Boy bcouts 

dirl Scouts 

Boy and Girl Scout Leaders 

Time Capsule 

Chester Gaines 

Murl Zuber 

Legion and Legionaries 

bky Divers 

Roger Tarr 
Chester Gaines 


Jim Spears and Eileen Spears 


Becky Moorehead 
Kerry Moorehead 
Lonnie Hammond 


Anita Hopkins 

June :::>arranek 
Otto S'arranek 

Kangaroo Kourt 

Darrell bmith 
Mark Wenmacher 
Brad Wiley 
Larol Latham 
Charles Marks 
Bart Hopkins 
Les Fox 
Rod Anderson 
Don bchlesinger 
George Litow 

Beard Contest 

Jim b pears 
Wayne Brown 



Davici Robi 

Press and Pnotograpny 

David Robinson 
Alice Zeman 
Ricbara Bettner 
Jerry Ketcbum 
Ricbara Luce 



Kati Marks 
Joyce O'Neal 


Cbester Gaines ana Sarab Gaines 

btore Keeper 

Knn Dewev 


Earlene Moorebeaa, Lr 
Carolyn Bona, Director 


Arlene Touoi, Assistant 
Robert Mercer, narrator 


Judy Burgess, Pianist 
bix in l^ong 
Community Band 
Community Cboir 
Darrcll Smitli 


Wayne Todd, Cbairman 
S and H Squares 



Earlene Moorebead, Lbairman 

Arlene Touti 

Linda Englebart 

Cbrista Edwards 

Mary Ann Hawbaber 

Anita Cradduclc 

Geraldine Stroyan 

Darlene McLaugblin 

Jan Aderton 

Don Scboenbolz 

Cindy Knapp 

Bruce Wbeeler 

Lbarles Hammond 




Ken Kaiser 
Pittsley ^ound 


Jamie Rauscbenberger, 

Debra Spears 
Judy ^\'endsen 
Sberrie Helms 


Pl^LICm' DRISION, cont. 

l\i\ia l\i.ininstin 

I rops 

Marilyn ^ aru, ^^ n.iirman 
Anita CrauaucR 
Jamie kauscnennorcer 
Lmaa hnclenart 
Barbara Ro^cnwmkel 
^sancy Eg^crs 
Kris E^^er? 
Micliello Tuclcer 
Monita DeClerL 
Eloise 1 arr 
Lori Miller 
Dan \V aru 
Marie Ward 


Kay Kiienel 


Dorothy Mcxireneau, 

Lnarkitie Lampoon 
Mary Bettner 
^naron Paradis 
Elaine ^ la mans 

Seating ana 1 icket Sales 

Franlc Lcile, Lnan-man 
JoAnne Lole 
Fraiik Lole, )r. 
Ben Cole 
Jonn NicnoJscn 
Loren RosenJcrans 
Dave LaraLee 
Don Sellers 
Cliucic Sellers 
Jonn Nicholson, Jr. 
Harold bvendsen 
Larol Hart 
Judy Svendsen 


Reuhen Hawbaher 
Pittsley Lighting 


Duane Herren, Lhairman 

Oary Donovan 

Rod Prielipp 

Paul Rauschenberger 

Wes Terry 

Lharles Hammond 

Dick Moorehead 

Keith Collins 

Roger Moorehead 

Ron Schoenholz 

Howard Rogers 

Roger Tarr 

Crort Products or Aurora 

Stage Hands 

Murl and Louise Zuber, 

Ray Hawbaker 
Dennis Cradduck 
David Larabee 
Tony Tarr 
Randall GrinJ?a 

Pageant Cast 

1 roy ."^L'Liiru 
Jessica r-mith 
Rohm Ritchie 
Mary ?mith 
Ron Cbilders 
Jerr Jacobsen 
Ken Meyer 
Arlene Towti 
^■lichelle Tucker 
Kristel Rhea 
John Kuchel 
Carson Cradduck 
^teve Herren 

Pageant Last, contd. 

Clayton Johnson 
Roy Breese 
Clyde Jones 
Kristie Ross 
Coletta McCadden 
Roger Moorehead 
Stanley Rosenkrans 
Rex Rhea 
Jennirer Bond 
Jim Bond 
Kery Kuchel 
Tanya b pears 
Lhris Hopkins 

Pageant Last, contd. 

Drew Anderson 
Jeii Peterson 
Dan Kaiser 
David Lilya 
Bob Kern 
Carl Kindelberger 
Ethel McLaughlin 
DaryJ Rosenlcrans 
Loren Rosenkrans 
Mark Rhoads 
Mark Bittner 
April Ritchie 
Otto Safranek 


Pageant Cast, contd. 

Jason Leuscnke 
Amy Leuscake 
Duane Herren 
Jackie Hanson 
Lean Roninson 
Ivon biemers 
Ureven^oeu Families 
Randall 1 owai 
Lmusay I orter 
Brian Kucnel 
Amner rlorscneutz 
Wnitney Foster 
Nick Sarranek 
Cnris Sarranek 
Lieorr Bonu 
David Gonle 
Rick biemers 
1 om Breese 
Mike Rauscnennerger 
bix in ^on^ 
Dee McLaugklin 
Darlene McLaugnlin 
Helen Preirer 
Jenny Preirer 
Aaron Robinson 
Jonatnon kobmson 
Flame SJainas 
Pboebe Kaiser 
Linda Avery 
Roberta Wetzel 
Earl Kaiser 
Lola Pierce 
Avery Merriman 
Larol Jacobsen 
Dorotby Wiley 
Kris Eggers 

Pageant Last, contd. 

Judi larr 
Becki I arr 
Lberri larr 
Mike Tarr 
Lonnie Hammond 
Jean Mercer 
1 belnia Scnert 
Dixie Dewey 
Lulu Merriman 
Lois Tabcr 
Louise Zuber 
Claudette 1 arr 
Dons Brown 
Wayne Browm 
Dee McLaugblin 
Avery Merriman 
Earl Kaiser 
Rita Edwards 
Les Fox 
Bill Lirove 
Ueraldine btroyan 
Bruce Wneeler 
Randy Jacobsen 
Randy Luce 
Ron Luce 
Slade Browder 
Lonrad bmitb 

Pageant Last, contd. 

Linda Herren 
Bill Woods 
Jean Woods 
Ed Gilmore 
Donna Gilmore 
Howard Heiman 
Betty bmitn 
Dona Arcner 
Tirrany Arcber 
Donna Heiman 
Stanley Hoelzer 
Marilyn Hoelzer 
Cliff Scblesinger 
June Adel Scblesinger 
Wayne Bettner 
Joyce Bettner 
Cbal Cballand 
Donna Lballand 
Harold Zinl?e 
Colleen Zinke 
Laura Herren 
Kim Rbea 
Kari Rbea 
Nancy Eggars 
Susie Eggers 
Tony Eggers 
Justin Eggers 
Jason Eggers 
Paw Paw Firemen 
Bill Wetzel 
Bill Latimer 
Murl Zuber 
Dick Moorebead 
Mefflin Bullis 
George Scbweiger